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EasyEmail Client 1.1.111

EasyEmail Client 1.1.111: Email client with email notifier. Email client supports all standard account types IMAP, POP3, SSL, gmail, hotmail, live,... Email client allows you to make your own list of buddies (your VIP persons) for example your familly members, friends or your coworkers. And you will by notified about incoming emails from them. Email client supports drag and drop and a clipboard operations to creating new email message quickly and easy. EasyEmail e-mail client contains integrated attachment

MailCOPA Email Client 11.01: Multi User and Multiple Machine Email Client
MailCOPA Email Client 11.01

email sorting, search and keep email flags. Using preset filter lists to score SPAM in addition to "white" lists (for email from the good guys) and "black" lists (for email from the bad guys), MailCOPA blocks (placing it in a SPAM folder) almost all unsolicited email letting you control what comes to your inbox. MailCOPA was the first true multi-user email client allowing any number of networked computers to access a single email account sharing

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Changing Email Client 6.0: Email Conversion turn out to be easier & reliable by Outlook to Notes tool
Changing Email Client 6.0

Email Client is not only about converting Outlook data & information to Notes. Outlook to Notes conversion is done with 100% accuracy & proving complete PST to NSF migration. Other email conversion tools are available in the market, SysTools Changing Email client stand first in the place of quality. By investing on PST to NSF tool your money will not be wasted, SysTools promises to give the complete value of your money. Outlook to Notes software

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Emailer4TaxPros 1.0.4: Emailer4TaxPro helps you send documents to a client list
Emailer4TaxPros 1.0.4

clients that have an email address. * Emailer4TaxPros Features: * Broadcast an email message to all your clients. * Broadcast an email message to all your clients with an attachment, like a PDF newsletter. * Best of all!!! Email client organizers to all your clients with one click! And optionally print organizers for clients with no email, all automatically. Just create the client`s organizer as a PDF file, and email will find and send each client

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IncrediMail Xe 5853718: IncrediMail is an email client that makes emailing more fun than before.
IncrediMail Xe 5853718

IncrediMail is an email client that makes emailing more fun than before. IncrediMail has all the common email client features, and in addition provides a large variety of Stationery, Animations, Ecards, Emoticons and Sounds that can be inserted in the background of email messages. With IncrediMail, anyone can easily decorate and personalize email messages using a large variety of creative email content suitable for any mood, occasion or theme.

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Mail Commander 9.0: The best way to get a handle on your mail!
Mail Commander 9.0

email client that does it all - from the everyday sending and receiving of e-mails to managing mailing lists and customer requests. This email client has extensive filtering and processing capabilities for incoming mail and requests. You can set up auto-replies to incoming mail using pre-set templates. Plus you can set up the program to automatically process newsletter subscriptions and requests to be removed from your mailing lists. What`s more,

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Auto Mailer 4.0: Bulk Email Client for Sending Personalized Text or HTML Messages
Auto Mailer 4.0

Bulk email client for sending individual, personalized text or HTML messages to your mailing list. Emails can be sent with the built in SMTP server, your own SMTP server, or using a MAPI email client. Sends emails quickly with parallel threads. Has mail merge capabilities to personalize your messages. "Verify" mode to validate your email addresses without actually sending a message. Schedule a mail job to run at any time.

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